Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE)

Is your property ready for emission reduction legislation?

EV Charging Stations

Site Audits

Axis Energy, Inc. will come and survey your property to assist with the direction and placement of EV Charging Stations.


We work with sister company, Axis Electrical to perform any electrical upgrades necessary for the installation of EV Charging Stations.

Construction and Installation

Upon configuring ideal locations for EVSEs, Axis Energy, Inc. works with Axis Construction to install your EV Charging Stations at your property.


Axis Energy, Inc. can assist you with financing your EV Charging Stations with available information on tax rebates, incentives and financing options for clean energy solutions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles.

Level 1

120 V AC Electrical System

17-25 hours to fully charge a 100-mile battery

Level 2

240 V AC Electrical System

4-5 hours to fully charge a 100-mile battery

Level 3

480 V DC Electrical System

20-30 minutes to fully charge a 100-mile battery

EV Energy Management Systems (EVEMS)


  • As the number of EVs increases, so does the necessity for additional EVSE and increased electrical infrastructure capacity.
  • Unless you live in a new Multi-Unit Dwelling (MUD) community with EV Ready electrical infrastructure, existing electrical infrastructure is not designed to accommodate EV Charging.
  • Incoming electrical supplies, transformers, electrical panels, and feeders typically have insufficient spare capacity to accommodate dedicated EVSE for each parking stall.
  • EVEMS can be installed in these communities to maximize electrical infrastructure utilization to accommodate as many EVSE as possible

How EVEM works

  • Allows the connection of any EV Charger to a fully loaded panel by managing the energy available at any given time.
  • Does a real-time reading of the total power consumption of a home or condo electrical panel.
  • Detects when the total power consumption of the main circuit breaker exceeds 80% and temporarily de-energizes the charger.
  • Detects the total power-consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80% for more than 15 minutes and automatically re-energizes the charger.

EVSE Incentives
Program Name Agency Description
Federal Tax Credit Federal Up to $1,000 for main home and $30,000 for commercial installations, up to 30% of hardware and installation costs.  Tax credit expires on 12/31/2021.
EV Charging Station Rebate Silicon Valley Power L2: Up to $3,000, up to 75% of total project cost,  with multiple ports/plugs considered one unit. Limit 6 rebates per customer.
EV Ready Program Peninsula Clean Energy ∙   L1: $ 2,000, L2: $4,500, up to 75% of costs, max. $36,000 per property.
∙  Main panel upgrade up to $4,000.  Make Ready circuit $2,000, up to $20,000 per property.
CALeVIP programs (applicable If HOA is registered as business with the state of California) City of Palo Alto Utiltiy, San Jose Clean Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Peninsula Clean Energy L2: Up to $5,500, 75% of total project costs.  L3: Up to $70,000, 75% of total proejct costs. (Oversubscribed, but apply anyway for potential future funding

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